Running To and Fro

My New Kicks

Running to and fro… or on a treadmill facing shelves of storage.  I find it strangely enjoyable.  Especially with Animal Planet playing with closed captioning and my iPod blasting.

Here’s the deal.  I used to be a bona fide runner.  Not a particularly fast one, not one with really special shoes, not one who ever ran farklets.  But I used to run regularly.  I could run five miles and feel great afterward – sweaty, tired, and great.

Then I got pregnant, and I wasn’t one of those amazing women who continue their super exercise programs through their pregnancies.  And then I was put on bed rest – quite a surprise for a rather fit person.  And then I gave birth five weeks early, and then it was winter, and then the holidays started…

So I haven’t run for quite a while, and the muscles in my legs are mere shadows of their former selves.  But I plan on getting back to my old five-mile self this year.


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