Stitch Fix: I’m In!

31 Oct

I feel like I just got accepted to the coolest club in junior high, that’s how irrationally excited I am to be hooked up with Stitch Fix.

I mean, there is a waiting list.  Exclusive, no?

I know.  Probably not.

But still, people are lining up here waiting to spend money, and I Am Part of It!  My husband is just going to roll his eyes in disgust.  I know sometimes he thinks, “What happened to the rational woman I thought I was marrying?  I thought she had more sense than to fall for these online shopping traps.”

Nope.  I have no excuse.  It’s just the way it is.

The cool thing about Stitch Fix, where I think it differs from a lot of subscription shopping plans, is that everything in each shipment is specially chosen for you by your very own stylist.  This stylist knows your sizes, your current style and how you might like to morph that style – or just beef up your wardrobe in its existing styles – based on the 36-question survey you fill out.  The survey is very specific, covering everything from your lifestyle to your sizes to your style (i.e., casual chic, classic, boho chic, glam, edgy, etc.) to colors and patterns you like or dislike to the prices you want to spend.

And shipping is free.  Love it.  They really had me at “free shipping,” to be honest.  Twenty dollars for a styled shipment seems like a darn good deal, especially when you consider that you don’t pay for shipping and the $20 is credited toward any items you purchase from the shipment.

My first shipment should arrive next week.  I didn’t waste any time on this.  Sooo…  I’ll let you know how it goes!

In the meantime, if you want to sign up for this super styled-shopping deal, click on my link:


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