Nude Nails and Reddish Lips, my new everyday essentials

12 Sep

A couple beauty finds that have me excited…

The Perfect Nude (for my nails, at least) Polish:
OPI’s Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, from their recent Germany collection – it’s a nice, neutral, warm nude that doesn’t look like death on a stick.  And with any luck, it will help my short, stubby, mistreated nails look a bit more elegant.

Nude Nails

Too Faced’s Cinnamon Kiss, one of their La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams – called a “spiced brown,” it translates to a perfect reddish-pinkish-brownish tint on my lips.  Something I can wear every day to feel more put together.  And if I wore sunglasses and this lip cream, even if I haven’t got another dab of makeup on, I could possibly pass for a tired starlet on her way out for that first morning Starbucks.  Dream life lives on…

Reddish Lips

Sigh.  I always enjoy a good beauty find.  Any “must-have” tips to share?




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