What I Ate: Weekend Edition

10 Sep

This was our big weekend away, just the Big Guy and I – no family, no obligations, no responsibilities.  Just us!  So what did we do?  What did we, the home- and routine- loving couple, do, away from both our home and our routine?

We dined, we walked, we shopped.  I’ll tell you all about the items I bought to revamp my wardrobe soon, but for now…  eat vicariously through me.  You don’t want to take these calories upon yourself if you can avoid it.

A couple notes before we begin.  First, the Big Guy gets really embarrassed (and a little cranky, even) when I take photos of my food in public.  He says it’s too tacky.  So I don’t do it when I’m with him.  Therefore, there are no yummy photos in this post.  I am very sorry.  Second, I will not tell you about the McDonald’s and Panera Bread Co. meals we had.  Do you really want to hear about my Southwestern Chicken Salad (quite delightful, incidentally) or my panini and poppyseed chicken salad?  No.

It goes without saying that I would highly recommend both these restaurants.  We had terrific dining experiences at each of them, despite their very different styles and atmospheres.

McCormick and Schmick’s Seafood and Steaks
The Big Guy let me pick our appetizer, so we got the Coast to Coast Tuna – seared tuna paired with tuna tartare (crisp little capers in there, such a nice touch), with wonton triangles for dipping and a slightly spicy little seaweed salad.  I could eat seaweed salad once a week just for the sesame seeds involved, I think.  We cleaned it up.

I ordered the Stuffed Atlantic Salmon.  Words cannot describe its luscious decadance.  I almost always order salmon if we’re at a seafood restaurant (and sometimes when we’re not), but generally I get it prepared a bit more healthfully.  This masterpiece, however, was stuffed with lump crab, chopped shrimp and melty Brie cheese.  And sitting in a sweet little puddle of buttery white sauce.  Then there were the creamy, smooth mashed potatoes to deal with, and the blanched green beans dipped in a garlicky butter sauce.

The Big Guy got the Seafood Trio, and um, I did not get to try any of it.  He claims it’s difficult to share when you have three smaller dishes, because they’re each gone so quickly.  Harumph.

Good heavens.  I wanted to float out of that restaurant.  And we did, right down a few blocks to a little specialty food shop where we bought a few chocolates (all the dessert we could handle after filling ourselves so absolutely at dinner) and for a little wedge of this cheese that I dream about every couple weeks.

Le Roule Cheese

It’s divine.  They serve samples with these cute little red wine crackers, but it was just as tasty with the veggie Wheat Thins we dipped in it later that evening.  If you’re a cheese conniseur you probably want to know that Le Roule is a creamy, soft cow’s milk cheese.  It’s rolled in fresh herbs and garlic.  Divine.  I could eat it with a spoon.  It’s about $23 a pound, but I also think the Big Guy would be okay with me ordering some.  It’s that good.

Yard House
The Big Guy ordered our appetizer, a spicy Guacamole and Chips that we devoured in three and a half minutes.  Shopping works up an appetite, for sure.  I got back to the basics this time – a good ol’ juicy burger for this Midwestern gal!  But this was no ordinary burger.  This was a big patty crusted with pepper (and no doubt drizzled, or maybe dipped, in butter) and piled with caramelized onions and marsala-sauteed crimini mushrooms, plus gorgeous chunks of gorgonzola and some tender baby spinach.  With sweet potato fries.  I think some juice ran down my elbow as I ate this thing.  I couldn’t even finish it all, but oh, how I wanted to.

The Big Guy tried the Chicken Enchilada Stack.  I didn’t even ask for a bite this time.  I didn’t want one!  I was far too absorbed in my burger.

I think by the time we returned to our Home Sweet Home, we were ready for some simpler, lighter fare.  Bring on the turkey wraps and cottage cheese!


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