Fashion and the Stay-at-Home Mom

8 Sep

Oh, it is a topic fraught with angst! What do I wear every day?!

You laugh. Please don’t. I am very serious about this!

What I wear affects my state of mind, what I eat, how I carry myself. It is important. And it probably affects you in all those ways, too, if you stopped to consider it. (I feel a “so there!” coming on, but I’m going to nobly ignore that impulse. I’m just trying to validate my concern with my appearance… please give me a little slack.)

Here is my situation. One year ago, I had a baby. Said baby spit up (a lot), so I felt justified in wearing comfy old tee shirts and yoga pants, um… nearly every day. About six months into parenthood, said baby was still spitting up (a lot), plus I was taking afternoon walks every day because it was the best way to get him to take an afternoon nap. And for the exercise, of course. Comfy tees and yoga pants, still explainable. Ten months in, said baby pretty much quit spitting up (“Hallelujah!” said we and our carpet). Said baby naps peacefully (most) afternoons in his crib. But I spent most of his awake time crawling about on the floor. Yoga pants and comfy tees, only marginally acceptable.

A week from the Little Guy’s 1-year mark, I know that yoga pants and loose, comfy tees are no longer allowed. Truth be told, most of my yoga pants are now wearing through at the seams, too, so I’ve got to change my public wardrobe or I’ll be bordering on indecency, or at least guilty of extreme tackiness. In the last couple months, I’ve slowly changed my ways, so most days I’m wearing capris and a fitted tee. Still not really the height of fashion.

I’m changing that this weekend!

The Big Guy are getting away for a little shopping-dining-chilling weekend (our first weekend out of town without our Little Guy!). I’ve saved up my pennies, and I am going to invest in a Chic Mom Wardrobe.

Prior to motherhood, I wore pretty cute things. Wedges, heels, skinny jeans, long bootcut jeans, drapey sweaters, fitted little jackets. Some of those pieces really don’t translate well to chasing, playing with, and picking up a wee one. I’m okay with that. It’s the shoes that are hard to give up. I’m 5’3″ and look way better when I’ve got a little added height hidden under my jeans. And most of my jeans are so long that I need heels. Argh. So maybe I’m still working through parts of this Mom Wardrobe.

I took to blogland for a little inspiration, and wow, did I find it! There are some uber-cool moms out there. I want to be one of them!!

Ain’t No Mom Jeans: 14 key pieces every mom should have in her closet. Love this post! I want to print it and take it shopping with me! In fact, pardon me while I take a moment to do just that…

Circle of Moms: “Top 25” list of stylish mom bloggers. Inspiration abounds, but so could envy. Read with caution…

Everyday Mom Style: This stylish mama posts before-and-after posts. So helpful! I particularly like the outfit I linked to – she admits the good ol’ jeans-and-a-tee is compelling, but can be improved.

And here’s a list I made (because I’m a rabid lister)…
black skinny jeans + denim skinny jeans + colored rollable pant
skinny belt (animal print or metallic) + chunky gold watch
autumnal paisley + gold + ultramarine green + deep coral + french roast + hunter green
drapy tee + “interesting sweater” + shift dress + off-white jacket
flats (animal print or metallic) + TOMS-like shoe + black riding boots + ankle boot


2 Responses to “Fashion and the Stay-at-Home Mom”

  1. Everyday Mom Style (@EverydayMomStyl) September 9, 2012 at 9:45 am #

    Thanks for the link up! I’m glad we have connected!

    • kitchenmommy September 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

      So am I! I’ll be reading regularly for the style helps and motivation I so desperately need!

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