These Days

6 Sep

I’ve been a busy girl lately.  For one, I got my very own Iphone.  I’ve since been very busy using it for all kinds of edifying behaviors.  Proof follows…

Being painfully convicted of the way I’ve idolized things and relationships and people and emotions, rather than worshipping God alone.

Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick

Reading through the Psalms, playing with the Little Guy, and picking up his playtime messes about four times a day.  The bright side is that I think we have a voracious reader on our hands.  One of his favorite activities continues to be pulling his basket of books off the coffeetable, pulling all of them out and then flipping through them (upside down), babbling all the while.

Putting food on the table.  From here on out, I’m calling any plain little salad I serve a “house salad.”  Lends it a little panache, I think.

Planting zinnias in August – miracle of miracles, they are blooming beautifully!  They may be stiff little flowers, but they certainly are dependable.

Using emeals to see if I can possibly stay within our food budget for a few months.  Progress: Good, so far.  One month in, I stayed within budget and did not have to resort to crazy-creative pantry-surprise meals for the last week of the month.  Opinion: I won’t use emeals forever, but I’m trying to learn from how they plan weekly meals to use the entire bag of baby carrots, the pound of chicken tenders (split into two meals), the 10 ounces of frozen corn.

Zinnias * House Salad * Chicken-Spinach-Artichoke Lasagna

I’m also deep in the midst of a little family fitness challenge.  The overall goal is to help all of us work consistent, frequent exercise into our weeks.  My personal goal is to WIN.  And be able to pound out 25 push-ups, do 70 sit-ups, and run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes in our final “fit test,” coming to theatres near you in early November.

Finally, I am planning the Little Guy’s first birthday party.  I’ve stopped getting teary-eyed and trembly-lipped every time I think about it, which makes the planning much easier.  We’re going with a very loosely realized Backyard Barnyard Theme.  Mostly because it’s pretty much fall, and I wanted to work in a hay bale, burlap, and gingham somehow, somewhere.  And I saw someone serve a “veggie patch” instead of the ol’ veggie tray, and absolutely love the idea.  I’ll be taking hundreds of photos before, during and after the party, so I’ll report back on how it all went.  A little insider information, though?  I’m making these Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting!


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