My Blog: Relateable Girl Next Door?

20 Aug

Let’s be honest here.

Some blogs, you read because the writing is hilarious, or heart-warming, or heart-wrenching, or simply helpful.

Some blogs, you view for the amazing photography, for the creative-yummy recipes, for the cool-girl-next-door outfit posts.

Some blogs, you read because they’ve just become a habit.

I’m just hoping my blog someday reaches habit status with you.  Because I KNOW my photography is shoddy, my recipes are nothing super-spectacular, and I won’t even tell you what I’m wearing because yoga pants or jean capris six days out of the week doesn’t count as stellar in any situation.

Maybe my blog is the relateable-girl-next-door?

The girl who regularly goes into public with coffee stains on her shirts, whose yoga pants are quite literally wearing thin at the seams, who checks the mail every day promptly at 3:30 because it’s a highlight of her day.

The girl whose borrowed Exer-Saucer has been sitting in her office doorway for two weeks waiting to be returned, who has removed all coffee table decor from her living room because a certain Little Guy will break it otherwise, who keeps the bathroom doors tightly shut so said Little Guy cannot throw himself into the bathtub as he apparently wishes he could.

Please view this as a public service announcement.  This is me telling it like it really is, so I can feel okay getting on here and just writing, posting a couple average photos, and keeping you up to date with my little corner of the world.



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