Let’s Talk About Running

6 Apr

My Hot Pink Shoes

Let’s talk about running.  I used to be a runner.  Not a fast runner, not a competitive runner, just a runner.  After a stressful day at work, or on a lovely Saturday morning, or a Sunday afternoon where I’d been feeling too sluggish, a good 4 mile run would put me in a happy, relaxed state.  I’d hop on that treadmill or hit the sidewalks, and lose myself in my playlist and the feeling of my feet hitting the ground.  When I finished my run, I felt great.  Exhausted, sweaty, exhilirated.  Runner’s high.

Well, 6 1/2 months into motherhood, I’m finally getting back there.  I get a little mini runner’s high now.  I’m only running 8-10 miles a week, but I can actually feel my body getting stronger now.  I look forward to running!  It feels right when I run again, not like brutal punishment from the start!

Months ago, a friend and I decided to run a 10K together in early June.  It’s a tough race.  I know – I ran it in 2008 – my first and only 10K to date!  I finished in 1:05:11, a time I’m still really happy with.  What do I remember from the race?  Nerves at the beginning.  Stopping for a bathroom break in one of the port-a-potties.  (Ew.)  Facing a hill that looked like a roller coaster.  And then another one.  Maybe another really big one?  They blur together.  Running through the finish line with strangers all around cheering.  The medal they gave me – a participation medal never meant so much!  My body, tired and a bit sore already; my mind, tired but elated: I finished!

Flash forward to 2012.  We decided to do the run, I thought about training but didn’t, for a couple months.  Then I found a training plan, which I will commend with helping me start a regular workout schedule (Ahem. Finally.  What was I waiting for?).  Then I ditched the training plan.  Enough with the cross-training!  I just need to get back into good running condition!  I didn’t cross train back in my salad days.  I’d run, then I’d lift weights and stretch, and it was good.  So I’m doing that again.  I’ll use the training plan as a guide for how many miles I should be aiming for each week, but that’s it.  I’m a renegade.  Wish me luck.

My goal for the race?  Finish in 1:05:11 or less.  I’ve got a long ways to go!

My new running playlist…
New is a relative term, meaning newly created.  Some of the songs are embarrasingly old.
Cascada Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix) 3:20
Maroon 5 Harder to Breathe 2:54
Akon Right Now (Na Na Na) 4:01
Ok Go Here It Goes Again 3:00
Cascada What Hurts the Most (Radio Mix U.S.) 3:42
Rihanna We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) 3:36
Natasha Bedingfield Pocketful of Sunshine 3:23
Shinedown 45 4:14
Cascada Miracle 3:39
Shinedown All I Ever Wanted 4:10
Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger 3:21
Rihanna Only Girl (In the World) 3:55
Cascada Bad Boy 3:12
Shinedown Simple Man 5:22
Akon Beautiful 5:13
Lady GaGa Just Dance 4:02
Shinedown Save Me 3:34
Cascada Ready for Love 3:23
Shinedown Lady So Divine 7:10
Blue October Should Be Loved 4:02

Lessons have already been learned, in the last couple months.  First lesson:  It’s easier if you never stop running.  Duh.  That’s my plan for the next time around.


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