Post-Vacation Food

22 Mar

We just returned from vacation.  We’ve been gone since Saturday morning.  This means several things.

1. We have very little food in our house.

2. My body desperately needs some healthy, balanced meals.

3. It is difficult to create healthy, balanced meals when you have very little food in your home.

Enter tonight’s creation, a popular classic for me.  I’ve eaten this little dish for lunch at work many times.  I’ve turned to it often when I need a fast, easy dinner that feels somewhat healthy.  That’s what I’m doing tonight.


Sure, it’s mac and cheese.  But it’s mac and cheese with tuna and peas and freshly ground black pepper.  Talk about some helpful protein and fiber, with minimal fat or empty carbs!  That’s just what mac and cheese needs.  And some hot sauce, to add a little flair.

Flair in a Bottle

I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow.  I’m not only buying bananas and avocados and bell peppers of multiple colors and chicken breasts.  I’m also buying chocolate that I can eat right away.  Because if there is anything worse than returning from vacation to heavy rain and empty cupboards, it’s returning to a house without chocolate.  You have to ease yourself off that vacation diet slowly, you know.


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