Pots de Creme

25 Feb

The other day, while my husband was hard at work providing for our family, I made Pots de Creme.  Because I clearly want to feed the notion that stay-at-home moms watch soaps, eat bon-bons, and gossip with neighbors all day long.  Clearly.

I saw the Pioneer Woman make them on her show a couple Saturdays ago, and I was inspired – although a little nervous about eating raw eggs.  However, I decided that in pursuit of a good chocolate hit, I was willing to take on a little risk.

The Flop

I don’t think the Pioneer Woman’s Pots de Creme turned out like mine.  I think hers were decadently chocolatey and smooth and utterly creamy.  Here’s her recipe.  These could be amazing, I know they could be.

Chunky Chocolate Mousse

Mine were decadently chocolatey.  But they were far from smooth and creamy.  They tasted like super-rich chocolate mousse, each bite studded with chunks of chocolate chips.  And therein lies the problem.

I think the hot coffee you pour in is supposed to melt all the chocolate chips, but that didn’t happen for me.  I’m blaming my blender, which also has trouble pureeing frozen bananas.  Reasonable, right?  Maybe?  So it’s not just me?

And I felt sort of sickish, thinking of eating those eggs.  I don’t think I’ll make these again.

I wanted so badly to have a French dessert in my repertoire.


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