Sparkling Microwaves

24 Feb

I challenge you to find a more rewarding cleaning project than that of taking your grimy microwave to something that is pure and sparkling white.  I just want to touch it.  And that’s not something I’d say about our microwave, eighty percent of the time.

Sigh. So lovely.

The microwave is really the only thing in our kitchen, besides the floors which I despise cleaning because they get so dirty again so quickly, that I can make sparkling clean.  Everything else sort of has the “patina” of five-plus years of good, hard labor, that the best use of elbow grease can’t remove.

It’s almost enough to make you buy one of those microwave covers that your mom has.  In fact, I found them on Amazon.  This fine NordicWare rendition (pictured below) is only $10.


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