Salmon Packets with Lemon-Caper Sauce

21 Feb

Thank you to The Scrumptious Pumpkin, who inspired this healthy, easy dinner!  Healthy and easy… those are two words that ring like magical bells in my ears.  And anytime I can serve salmon without my house smelling like fish skin, I will do it.

My favorite things about this meal?  In no particular order,

1. No dirty dishes except a cutting board and a knife.  I eyeballed it on the measurements requiring a tablespoon.

2. It includes salmon, spinach, red potatoes, lemon and capers.  I like all those things.

3. It’s good for you.  Omega-3’s.  Folate.  Healthy fats.

4. Cooking in packets is a fun alternative to baking dishes and skillets.

5. It looks rather fancy when you plate it, belying its super-simple origins.

6. Oh, yes.  Cooking the salmon in a packet like this helps keep it from drying out, which is a problem I often run into with my impatient skillet method.

Both of us liked this salmon dish a lot, but it was pretty lemony!  Next time I think I’ll prepare the potatoes and spinach separately from the salmon, and make them a bit more garlicky – maybe even add some crushed red pepper.

Here’s a link to the original recipe:


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