That Mommy

15 Feb

How did this happen?  I have become That Mommy.  The one I said I’d never be.  Whether or not I ever said it aloud, I thought it.

I wear yoga pants almost daily.  Not a cute – albeit simple and stain-proof – uniform of jeans and a stylish top.  Just yoga pants and a not-so-stylish tee with a big sweatshirt.  My baggy tee shirt drawer is now divided into “good” and “at home only” piles.

Often my clothing has spit-up on it.  And I will leave the house wearing those clothes.

Often, I don’t shower until afternoon or evening.  And I go places anyway.  This used to be a Saturday-only thing for me.

My daily goal list is something like this:

1. Read my Bible.  For at least 5 uninterrupted minutes.

2. Brush my teeth, before ten a.m.

3. Make the bed.

4. Take a shower.

5. Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

6. Remove the soggy coffee filter and grounds from the coffeemaker.

7. Make dinner, starting at about 4 p.m. to allow for interruptions, and finishing about 6 p.m.

8. Spend some form of quality time with the Big Guy.

9. Oh yeah, and take care of Little Guy’s every need – clean diapers, clean (or mostly clean) clothes, full belly, fun play and talk, tummy time, naptimes.

Ah ha.  There it is.  I have become That Mommy because I am a mommy.  Not a super mommy, just a regular mommy who’s still figuring out the basics.  People will gladly tell you that it changes your life and you’ll agree that it sure will (thinking in your naiveté, but they don’t know what I can accomplish in a day!).  But you won’t truly understand until you catch yourself in the bread aisle, unshowered with a dried squiggle of spit up down your pant leg and in your hair.

So to those other women I perhaps looked at a bit judgmentally a few mere months ago, I am truly sorry.  You have earned your yoga pants and shower-free days.  And if you find some yoga pants that look like jeans, will you let me know?


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