It Is January

10 Jan

My house is filled with a stinky, acrid odor because I am cleaning my oven.  Well, really, I set it to self-clean a couple hours ago, and I’ll be wiping it out using about twenty paper towels in a couple more hours.  I had to open windows so I wouldn’t be asphixiated by the stink.

Can you see the haze?

My Christmas tree still stands in the living room, and occasionally in the evenings we still plug it in to revel in its pre-lit splendor.  But all the ornaments, and its skirt, are gone.

Our Sad, Bare Christmas Tree

I am hungry this afternoon.  We have chocolate pie in our refrigerator, but I am eating sugar snap peas (an undeniable treat, and something I often impulse-buy), a turkey-and-cheese rollup, and a few cruddy-looking green olives.  Because they are healthier than the pie.

I'll Probably Eat the Pie Before 5 p.m.

Yes, it is January.  Sigh.

I should think of January as a gateway to spring.


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