Creamy Tomato Soup

9 Jan

Truly, there are few things better on cold days in January than a pot of soup simmering on your stove.  Try this recipe, if only for that reason.

Another Pioneer Woman recipe for us!  It was quite tasty, of course, but I think I prefer to keep my tomato soups more tomato, less cream.  That’s just me, and maybe that’s just me at the beginning of a fitness kick.  Perhaps in May I’ll start craving creamy tomato soup.  If I do, I’ll come back to this recipe!

Creamy Tomato Soup

We had it with grilled turkey and cheese (and pickle) sandwiches so we’d stay full for, oh, more than an hour.

Oh, and you know how sometimes a cook will say, “This is really easy” and then the recipe involves dicing about five different veggies, braising a meat for two hours, and then toasting three different spices before hand-grating them?  Ree says this recipe is easy, and it really is.  It involves dicing one onion, chopping some parsley and basil, and opening a bunch of cans.

So how did I revise the recipe?  Well, I didn’t add sherry to it because I didn’t have any and didn’t want to buy any for just this one recipe.  Second, I didn’t have quite enough fresh basil (it froze in my fridge… ugh) so I added some dried Italian seasoning.  And I topped it with some finely grated fresh Parmesan.  All goood changes.  Next time, I would add more diced tomatoes to make it chunkier.  Bon Appetit!


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