Chicken Pot Pie

6 Jan

I just made chicken pot pie for the first time.  And although I won’t brag too, too much about it… I made it from scratch.  This wasn’t a purposeful thing; I realized it as I was pouring it into the casserole dish – “hey, this didn’t involve opening any cans!”

So we are going from the super-healthy Minestrone Soup of earlier in the week to this cream-laden Chicken Pot Pie, which is topped with a crust that includes a fair amount of vegetable shortening.  As in, Crisco from a can.  I never thought I’d buy Crisco in a can.  It seems excessive, as if you’re just asking to gain five pounds in your hips and end up on cholesterol medicine.  Yet there it sits, snug and smug next to my bread crumbs.  What can you do?  I live in the Midwest.  Some things are inevitable, I suppose.

But back to the Chicken Pot Pie.  It’s the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, and you just can’t go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe.  Here’s the link, although I followed the recipe found in her first cookbook.  Coincidentally, both recipes call for frozen peas.  I forgot to put them in.  This happens to me regularly, I am sorry to say – misreading or mis-following recipes.

So here it is.  My Chicken Pot… um, Soup??  Maybe the peas would have given it a pie-like consistency…  Maybe it was because I had to use whole-wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour to thicken the gravy.  We might never know.  Because I’ll probably never make it completely correctly.

But gosh, it’s good.  Must have been that oregano I added to the filling.


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