5 Jan

I hope I am always amused by the little things.

Driving home from the grocery store this afternoon, I saw a youngish guy biking along the sidewalk while yo-yo’ing.  Now at first, I admit that I laughed because I thought it was a little geeky.  For crying out loud – a guy old enough to have a full beard, wearing big earmuff-type headphones, riding a bike too small for him and yo-yo’ing?

Then I stopped laughing.  Because it’s creepy to sort of soundlessly laugh with your mouth open, particularly when all that comes out are hoarse little “huh… huh”s.  And also because I realized he is more gifted than I.

He can ride a bike with no hands.

He can dribble (I think that’s the right term?) those yo-yo’s like nobody I’ve seen in a while.  Not one, but two of them.  In the air – popping them up above his head!

It’s amazing, the things you get to see if you keep your eyes open.


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